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Awards Day 2022

We celebrated the unique strengths and attributes of our students last week at Awards Day. Here are some glimpses! Congratulations to our lovely students and their teachers

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Farewell 2022

We celebrated the farewell of students of grades 10 & 12. Farewell, dear students! Dream big, aim high and remember to believe in yourself ✨

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India School Ranking 2021-22

We are proud to announce that The Aditya Birla Integrated School has been ranked the best special needs school in Mumbai & 2nd best special needs school in India in the Education World India School Rankings 2021-22. Congratulations to our students, parents, alumni, teachers and the entire team at TABIS.

Website Link: Edition: EducationWorld November 2021

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Math Fest 2021

Who said Math can't be fun??

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Family Day 2021

We had a fantastic family day celebration on 23rd September with all of our students, teachers and their families.

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Letters of Hope 2021

In order to raise awareness about World Suicide Prevention Day, students at The Aditya Birla Integrated School have been participating in a campaign called Letters of Hope since 2019.

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Teachers' Day 2021

We had a fabulous Teachers' Day celebration organised by our students on 3rd September. Thank you, Students for your efforts

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Language Fest 2021

Our Language Fest was celebrated over two days this year. Students attended sessions in their individual groups where they played games like Charades, story building and many more. Language Fest this year was truly an “Out of the Box” experience for us all!

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Investiture Ceremony 2021

We celebrated our first event of the Academic Year 2021-22 - Investiture Ceremony. This event included the announcement of the Student Council for the year and the Yearbook Team. Congratulations to the students!

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India School Ranking 2020-21

We are happy to share that The Aditya Birla Integrated School has been ranked the No. 1 Special Needs School in India by EducationWorld India for the year 2020-21. We dedicate this recognition to our students, parents and our stellar team!

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Letters of Hope

The Letters of Hope Campaign was initiated in 2019 by The Aditya Birla Integrated School in an effort to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

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Teachers’ Day 2020

The Students of The Aditya Birla Integrated School put together a virtual Teachers Day Celebration. This included video wishes for their teachers, display of posters made for teachers’ day and recitation of poems written by students for teachers.

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Independence Day 2020

The Student Council led an Assembly on What Independence Means To Us Today as a part of the Independence Day Celebrations held virtually on 15th August 2020. Students and teachers were dressed in shades of the tricolor for the celebration.    

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NIOS Results 2020

With pride, we announce that our students have performed extremely well in the NIOS Board Exams for Grades 10 & 12. We have a 100% pass rate and some stellar performances from our students. Heartiest congratulations to the students, parents and teachers for this feat!

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Language Fest 2020

Our Language Fest conducted on 24th July was filled with activities for all our students. Story-telling sessions, workshops on non-verbal communication, recitations and team building activities with each class group kept them engaged despite being a virtual event! Here are some glimpses from Language Fest 2020.‬

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DLP Language Fest

Our DLP Language Fest was conducted on Thursday, 16th July and we held various sessions for our students throughout the day

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Investiture Ceremony 2020

Our first virtual event for the new academic year, the Investiture Ceremony was held on 26th June. The event witnessed the launch of our yearbook theme, editors and the new student council for 2020-2021. This student leadership team has been elected through a vote that was conducted among students and teachers. We wish good luck to the new leaders and are pleased to share some glimpses from the ceremony!

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Father’s Day & International Yoga Day 2020

Bringing in Father’s Day in a way it is meant to be celebrated; our students spent some quality time with their superdads on Sunday. They also found a way to celebrate International Yoga Day by having a yoga session with their fathers. Here are some heartwarming moments!

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Farewell 2020

A farewell is more of a new beginning than an end. Our students of junior grades of SL1 and JCL1 organised an eventful, positive and energized farewell for the students graduating from grades SL2 and JCL 2. It turned out to be quite a beautiful event not just for the students but also the teachers. We wish the students good luck for their board examinations and godspeed success!

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Annual Sports Day

Our annual sports day, held on 8th February 2020 saw a display of tremendous teamwork, high energy levels and enthusiasm from students, staff and parents. Here are a few glimpses from the day.

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co-curricular Activities

We give an opportunity to each and every student to hone certain skills and engage them in diverse fields of art, dance & movement, theatre & dramatics, physical education, music, painting and chess among others.


Events are an integral part of the life of students at TABIS. We conduct activities such as Languages Fest, Project Day, School Carnival, Annual Camp, Field Trips, Edu Tours, Christmas Fair, to name a few. These events provide important directions to students on their journey to self discovery.

Community Services

We offer various age-appropriate opportunities to students to become active and positive contributors to the community.


We provide a matrix of intra-school sports activities. Our emphasis on sports instils team spirit, a skill for life beyond the school days.