our programs

Differentiated Learning Program


The Differentiated Learning Program is designed to utilize the children’s existing skills to develop parallel skills. For this purpose, each child has an Individualised Education Plan (IEP). The backbone of this program is the therapy that we provide. Occupational therapy& sensory integration, Speech & language therapy, and Behaviour Modification therapy are provided to the children as a part of their daily program at school. The Curriculum is woven theme-wise to ensure learning is reinforced daily and to make the transition from the classroom concepts to their environment seamless.

Early Intervention Program

Age Group: 4 to 6 Years

Children in this program are exposed to age-appropriate concepts at their level of comprehension and functioning. The methodology employed is differentiated as per each child’s needs. Therapy and Concept development go hand in hand in this program. Prerequisite learning skills are worked upon in all areas such as Language, Math, and Skill Development. The Social and Emotional needs of each child are met through our Play Way methodology, where children are taught through Music, Art, and Games to develop Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills.

Global Intervention Program

Age Group: 7 to 14 Years

The children in this program are taught concepts that are chronologically appropriate. These concepts are modified to meet each child’s level of functioning. Formal skill development is worked upon throughout the year. Reading, Writing, and Math form the Basis of the Curriculum. ADL Skills (Activities of Daily Living) are also given prime importance and are focused upon daily to equip the children with skills to bring about independence. Our therapy program assists the children in their journey to realise the goals set for them. Our Co-curricular program ensures Social Skills are enhanced and the Psychological and Emotional needs of each child are met with. Activities offered include Dance, Music, Art, Gym, and Games.

Pratham Open School

The Pratham Open School program is an organization empowered by the Education Department to carry out academic and administrative functions. It aims to provide an inclusive platform and an Innovative Accessible learning model to suit the needs of children with Disabilities. It allows these students to study a formal curriculum, which could lead to a board examination depending on the child’s capabilities.