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The Transition from Offline to Online Learning – A Student’s Perspective

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The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused a lot of stir worldwide. The education system has changed dramatically further resulting in the rise of E-learning or Online learning. This transition from sitting in an actual classroom to learning through a virtual classroom has been drastic.

Here’s what I feel about this transition:

Every morning, waking up at a particular time and heading to school where I would see my friends sitting in class, anticipating my arrival was something I looked forward to. Now my classroom is just a click away.

We students used to be more attentive in school as we were under the direct supervision of the teacher, with 7 of us in one classroom. The online classroom can be a bit distracting because we are not in a serious environment. Technological issues such as bad connectivity sometimes make me feel that our classes in school were so convenient!

We would receive physical notes in class but since everything being online now, all the classwork and homework is available virtually to us to refer to at any time.

I miss being in the classroom where we could talk to each other and now realize the importance of classmates, my teachers and inter-personal relations.

We would perform a lot of physical activities in school, which are still happening online, but it does not feel the same as our PE class in school.

Online learning has been a new experience, but I still miss going to school, sitting in class with my peers and learning through a blackboard rather than from the screen of a computer. I can’t wait for the Pandemic to end and for school to start, so that I can be back in my happy place.

Author: Mr. Daniel E. Batty Student Editor – The Aditya Birla Integrated School

Image Courtesy – Freepik

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