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The New Normal – A 15 Year Old’s Perspective

Until a couple of months ago everything was normal, everyone went about with their daily routine. For example, adults went to work in the morning and kids went to school. With Covid-19 striking, our entire life pattern has changed. Instead of adults having face to face meetings, they now use zoom and other virtual platforms. Let me share how it’s impacted me, at fifteen.

Every morning while I waited for my school bus to arrive, I would hear birds chirping, watch people running and neighbours greeting one another. Now I am at my desk and studying in front of the computer screen. It’s good that we can use technology and still go on with school. But looking at screens for a long time is not healthy. I feel I am blocked by a brick wall. However, this pandemic has also helped me be grateful for what I have and made me feel that I took a lot for granted in the past.

Looking back, I remember, I used to not finish my meals or complained if I didn’t get what I wanted. But now I am grateful that I am able to sleep every night on a comfortable and cosy bed, with a roof over my head. I am grateful that I have the capability to get medicines and be healthy. Spending so many hours at home has allowed me to connect with myself and my family on a deeper level. I enjoy drawing, colouring, writing poetry, art and craft, music and stitching. On a normal school day, I never found time to enjoy these activities to my heart’s content. Now, I have been able to.

To sum up, it is hard to be housebound, but it helped me realise how much I have to be grateful for. We had taken the planet for granted with our never-ending want for goods. Now we are slowly realizing how little we really need to be happy and content. The time and attention of our loved ones is the most precious takeaway from this pandemic.

Ms. Saira Jagtiani Student Editor – The Aditya Birla Integrated School

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