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My School Life at TABIS

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I had a very late start in this educational world and it used to take me double the efforts to cross the passing mark and as I got promoted to higher classes it was difficult for me to just simply pass. My mom used to dig marks out of the paper to show the teachers and to change my grade.

Yes! It was embarrassing but that is how I used to pass. It came to a point that my Principal refused to promote me. That’s when I changed schools in the fifth grade.

Any regular school has about 60 students a class and my new school had about 10 per class. It felt weird. Being a backbencher I felt as if I am sitting right under the nose of the teacher! Later I realized that this school aims to provide individual attention to each student and honestly this was something I needed.

Every child wants to be known and I was always made to feel like a nobody earlier. However, this school made me feel that I am someone to them. Over the years, I was known as a student that Principals were not really fond of, but that story changed! 

After joining this school, I became a completely different student. It sounds hard to believe, but I was one of the toppers in my class and how did it all change? Well, this school gave me a fresh new start. If there is one thing I look back and thank, it’s definitely the occupational therapy and speech therapy classes.

I don’t think any school has a class like this. Believe me it is class apart. It does not include any curriculum nor any exam, it is just focusing and improving your speech, your reading ability and your writing habits. TABIS was something I really needed in my life. It made me fit right back in and gave me my new beginning.

Author: Ashtad Deboo

Alumni, The Aditya Birla Integrated School

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