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If I were a Teacher…

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning.

– Brad Henry

I am Anmol Wale, a happy and confident 17-year-old girl who found TABIS at the age of 12. This was the time when I was looking up to our schooling system to accept me as I am and help me grow.

So what is so different about TABIS?

It is the teachers and their attitude. They welcomed me and worked around me to get the best out of me which is why in life, I want to be so much like them, a real teacher and a source of inspiration for the coming generations who will keep coming in all shapes and forms with beautiful different abilities.

As a teacher, in true TABIS style I would ensure learning is made fun in practical ways so that I’d get more active participation and commitment from my students.

Like our teachers, I would like to be a superhuman – cool and calm from the outside and careful and dutiful from the inside to make sure all worksheets, assignments, exam papers are top-notch and punctually delivered as per the school’s academic year schedule.

If I were a teacher, I would definitely be agile and alert and be ready to change with the times like how our teachers did in this pandemic. All teachers had to step out of their comfort zone and adopt to a major change which was teaching online. This changed their work pattern but still they did not give up. I am proud of all our generation’s teachers. Teachers of TABIS ensured that we follow safety and at the same time made studying from home an equally satisfying experience for the students. By switching their approach, they have definitely taught me how to convert challenges into opportunities.

Most importantly, I have learned the art of giving personalised attention to my students to help them with their doubts, similar to what I received from my teachers i.e. Ms. Simran, Ms. Naima etc.

Teaching is the most noble of all professions because teaching creates all other professions.

Author: Ms. Anmol Wale Student, JCL1, The Aditya Birla Integrated School

Image Source – Shutterstock

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