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How My Life Changed Once In Entered The Real World

Since I went forth and passed out from The Aditya Birla Integrated School, I have noticed a different spark in me. I can say this with confidence that the girl that stepped into this school and the one that passed out, was a totally different person. I was lucky to be part of such a wonderful school with the best teachers and mentors one could ask for who helped bring forth the best in me.

After entering the real world, I released it is not going to be easy and I would have to find my ladder to reach the top. In my earlier schools I was afraid of approaching any faculty members and ask them my doubts, because of which I had difficulties in understanding concepts.  I had to try and understand them myself which greatly affected my learning. Not so at TABIS where the teachers were as good as my friends and were totally approachable for solving all my doubts. I got the chance to be Captain of the House of Integrity (Green House) which helped me understand the struggles of leading a group.

Now I am a Student in one of the best Institutions of Hotel Management in India viz. IHM- Aurangabad. I am studying how to handle my guests and make sure the best of the best services are provided to them. The leadership qualities which I learnt in TABIS have helped me bring forth my abilities and work with any team to deliver the best experience to our guest. Being so close to real world I have realised that books give the theory, but it is up to the individual to practically implement that knowledge. Handling Banquets and groups of unknown individuals is difficult and providing them with the finest services is not easy.  My Interpersonal skills are always being tested.

I now have started paying attention to details which make all the difference. The didactics I learned matter a great deal to me. The quality of education and exposure I got has help me mould myself. I am confident about proving myself and now can find easier ways to keep orders and instructions in mind.

All my teachers were a great support and I respect the time they invested in me in shaping me and getting me ready for facing the real world. I was a sapling and am now a strong plant and who surely would grow into a hardy tree. I would like thank all my teachers and mentors at TABIS.

Tara Contractor

Alumnus of The Aditya Birla Integrated School

Batch of 2017-18

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