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How Co-curricular Activities Can Help Build Career Paths?

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Look at a child. See the curiosity, the endless enthusiasm, the splendid ability to find their way to a definitive conclusion however many obstacles are put in front of them. Everything is new and exciting, something to explore and experience with all their senses.

School is a place where structured learning and a set curriculum are offered to a child to enhance memory, life skills and promote discipline among other things.

When a child is in school, he must follow a routine, follow rules and regulations, maintain discipline, where there is very little scope for individuality. A co-curricular class is the only place a child can be himself, follow his interests and be his own person. Co-curricular activities go a long way in bringing about a child’s full potential, a nice alternative to endless studying and school lessons, and they are a wonderful addition to any child’s education.

Traditional Co-curricular activities, the ones that cater to the artistic side of a child, like dance, drawing, painting etc give students a sense of achievement and fulfillment. By encouraging their creativity this future generation develops skills which will help them find a future in media, advertising, acting careers, theatre, painters, etc.

New age Co-curricular classes like robotics, science clubs, math clubs, develop a different skill set, promoting proficiency in things like thinking, problem solving, logistical manipulations and mind mapping, all skills essential for life and in one’s career.Those interested in these type of activities will be tomorrow’s innovators, scientific explorers, inventors, businessmen etc.

At The Aditya Birla Integrated School, a variety of co-curricular activities are integrated in the school timetable helping students build upon their skills to be holistic learners. One such program is iRobokid, that specializes in STEM education and introduces these subjects to students in a fun and scientific manner,encouraging children to be more hands on – mind on, promoting practical learning of STEM (Science / Technology / Engineering & Maths) via Robotics.

Parul Shah

Special Educator, Consultant – iRobokid & Visiting Faculty – Co curricular Activities, The Aditya Birla Integrated School

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