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Frequently Asked Questions by Parents while looking for a Special Needs School in Mumbai

In terms of schooling, all parents naturally want the best for their children. They are more concerned about their child when he or she learns or thinks differently. They are concerned about whether their child will find the school too challenging, whether they will be bullied, and whether they will be able to adjust to the new environment.

It is critical for parents to choose the correct school for their child in order to assist them grow a positive self-esteem and encourage their child's health, development, and welfare. Several factors must be considered while selecting a school for a child with special needs. Class sizes, student populations, therapy services, curriculum followed and transportation are all factors for parent’s consideration.

Some of the frequently asked questions by a parent while looking for a special needs school are:

1. How will my child benefit at The Aditya Birla Integrated School ?

It’s necessary to select a school which finds a right balance of inclusive education, through integration. We, at The Aditya Birla Integrated School follow a Holistic, Multi- Disciplinary Team approach which incorporates Academics, Therapies, Counselling, Co-curricular activities and mental health curriculum as part of the school ethos. Our student teacher ratio of not more than 10:1 enables the teacher to devote equal attention to the understanding and development of every child in class. All teachers being special educators , the teaching instruction and methodologies are also child-centric. We provide a safe and caring atmosphere for our kids in order for them to become independent learners and contributing members of society.

2. Is it possible for a special needs child to benefit from online schooling?

While digital learning may never be able to completely replace a physical school, teachers at The Aditya Birla Integrated School have been able to reach out to kids personally and focus on what they require, with parents as crucial partners. While socialisation skills have suffered across the globe, our students have excelled academically.

3. Will my child with special needs be able to take an IGCSE board?

Each child's level of difficulty differs. Every child at our school is properly screened and placed at his or her appropriate level of functioning. Our programme is developed to meet the individual needs of each child. If a student's cognitive abilities enable them to tackle a difficult curriculum. We assist them in their journey through us.

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4. Does having an LD mean the child is intellectual impaired?

Learning Disabilities  by definition are children who have Average, above average and Superior intellect, being intellectually impaired means you have intellect that is below average and ability tends to drop lower. They are two different types of disabilities and cannot be taught together.

5. Is it necessary for my child to be accompanied by a shadow teacher?

No shadow teachers are permitted. We carefully place each child in synergy and at similar or almost similar level of functionality, because we do not mix disabilities.

6. What should a parent do to help their child succeed in school?

While placing children in school, parents should never minimize the role they play in helping their children learn at each level. The support that you provide as a parent, will help your child build self-confidence which is needed to achieve success throughout their lives. Kids with learning disabilities , who learn and think differently, require extra help and instruction that are specialized for them. The more you know about your child’s disability, the more you can help your child.  

7. What factors to consider when selecting a school for your child coping with special needs.

a. First, visit the school to learn about their philosophy and observe children in one or more classrooms, paying attention to how they interact with the instructor and other members of the staff. If possible, bring your child to the school visit.

b. Do not be hesitant to ask numerous questions.

c. Discuss how the school responds to certain behaviours that are specific to your child during the visit. 

d. Examine the facilities available, as well as if the school can satisfy your child's needs, before making a final decision.

8. Can children with learning disabilities have successful careers?

The first steps to success are to recognise, embrace, and comprehend your learning disability. Although learning disabilities cannot be cured, they can be successfully treated, and children with LD can live happy and successful lives. Many well-known people with LD have changed the world today and are an inspiration to us all.

9. What are the extracurricular activities offered at TABIS?
Art, Dance & Movement, Theatre & Dramatics, Chess, Curiosity Gym,  Robotics Program and Physical Education.

10 . What makes TABIS different from other schools?

TABIS provides a learning environment that understands the individual needs of each child. The students are academically challenged and are exclusively taught by special educators. The curriculum is presented in a way that is more relevant to the kid, with a lower student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1. Therapy, remediation, counselling, and co-curricular activities are all offered on a need-basis as part of the normal day.

Giving child the best of education is any parent dream . But keep in mind that your child is not you, and the type of school you would have liked isn't necessarily the same as the one your child would thrive in. Because each school is unique, be vigilant when selecting the best school for your child.


Sabina Fernandes

Manager - Non Teaching

The Aditya Birla Integrated School

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