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Expectations from School in the New Normal

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Just like every dawn brings sunrise, these circumstances will bring us rays of hope.

21st March was the last day for every student to say bye to their classrooms, benches, cafeteria, playing ground, friends, teachers, basically the whole school. That day was no less than an unknowing farewell to everyone which was hosted by destiny.

The next day the authorities shared some bad news with all of us. The news was that there is the arrival of a new “guest” – COVID 19. It was in the form of a highly contagious virus, and so we need to avoid this guest by staying in our houses, along with other stringent rules for our safety and security. They asked us to be in lockdown. Four months since, we are still in lockdown with our situation still unpredictable and in a limbo.

We have been told that we have to do our part, adjust ourselves to the new environment and be “normal”. The youth is being asked stay focused on academics because for us, “The show must go on.”

This has made us turn to a friend who is so often criticized by many – Technology! So, we have continued our studies with the help of various online applications. We are attending our classes, doing our assignments and all of this is possible only because of Technology. Technology is very kind! We also learn through this trying time that humans are adaptive and this comes as a second nature to all of us.

We have also learnt that it is difficult to break the human spirit. An example of this is the enthusiasm of teachers around the world to educate their students. Teachers have got the opportunity to showcase the student inside them. They have literally spent all their time learning and executing the platforms from where the school is going to operate. Nothing can be perfect but I have seen the way my teachers are operating the application, and there is only one thing we can say to our teachers, they are as close to perfect as can be! It reminds me of the quote, “A good teacher is like a candle- it consumes itself to light the way of others.”

From a student’s perspective, our new normal can be quite boring. However, our school keeps us indulged in new activities and guest lectures so that the students can look into some topics on which they have never researched actually.

Once our intruder makes an exit from our country and mother earth, we will have to expect a lot of changes to be put in place. We expect our school to be more hygienic, maintain social distancing and monitor everyone’s safety and well-being. On a lighter note, I expect the school not to make students get stressed by putting tons of work only in the first week of reopening. We look forward to doing extra-curricular activities and inter house competitions so that everyone gets a breather!

Author: Mr.Nalin Khare Student, JCL 1 – The Aditya Birla Integrated School

Image Source – Freepik

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