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5 Advantages of choosing IGCSE curriculum for your child

Every child is a different flower with unique colour and aromatic fragrance which makes this world beautiful. Each child is differently talented and hence should get a platform to bloom in their areas of interest. IGCSE curriculum is surely a gateway to pursue your passion. This curriculum is developed in a way which polishes a pebble into a gem. Here are a few indicators which should set you thinking into the benefits of choosing IGCSE curriculum for your child:

1. Practical approach of learning

IGCSE program focuses on unveiling the hidden talent of learners by developing their analytical, problem solving and communication skills. This program focuses on inquiry based learning thus igniting curious minds of learners. The learners are provoked to ask questions, explore study material, brainstorm, discuss and share ideas. Thus, the learning process becomes enjoyable and healthy. Learners with learning difficulties benefit with this learning teaching process as they learn to make connections with their learning with real life. We at TABIS have a learner teacher ratio of 1:12, which aids to provide the realistic connection of learning to real life.

2. Choice of Subjects

IGCSE board offers learners a plethora of subjects. Learners get a free hand to choose the subject and gain in depth knowledge in their field of interest. A choice to select the subject of interest boost children to work towards it with vigour and passion. Every learner is differently abled and hence this board comes in very handy to make a choice according to one’s ability and scope. Every IGCSE school in Mumbai has different sets of subjects to offer the learners. We at TABIS have thoughtfully selected English, Geography, Information and Communication Technology, Business Studies and Economics subjects for our students.

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3. Non-threatening assessment environment

IGCSE program is a boon for children with learning difficulties as they get a fearless platform to express their comprehension of the subject. This board encourages a continuous assessment pattern of assessing learners’ comprehension which focuses on providing qualitative feedback. This pattern of assessment helps students with learning difficulties reduce their academic performance stress and anxiety. Here, the teacher and the learner work hand in hand in the areas of improvement on a regular basis. Continuous assessment focuses on learners’ progress and not just on the scores. This helps the learners feel confident and motivated.

4. Caters to different strengths

IGCSE board offers a choice of core and extended papers on the subject. Based on the level of ability, the student can select the basic or specialised level. IGCSE board provides this option, keeping in mind the different levels of abilities of the students. Students with learning difficulties benefit from this option as it gives a flexibility of deciding on which subject they wish to learn in-depth and specialize and which subject they would like to have an overview of.

5. Global education through skill development

IGSCE board provides uniformity of education around the world as it focuses on skill development and creative thinking. Skill development equips the learners to feel confident thus boosting their self-esteem. Problem solving skills teaches the learners to handle life challenging situations with ease. Collaborative learning develops learners team building and leadership qualities. IGCSE curriculum helps to sharpen these skills thus preparing them for global education.

Teachers and learners become a part of the global learning network by sharing resources and information. Students with learning difficulties benefit from IGCSE curriculum as it helps them to feel confident and recognized. This board helps in easy transition into international universities. Hence, it is the right choice for learners’ who aim to pursue higher education abroad. This system layers a beautiful foundation and builds pillars of supportive knowledge that is needed for any strong individual.   Author:Ms. Mrunal Bhingarde ICT Head, The Aditya Birla Integrated School

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